In 1998 Christine Ruckendorfer discovered the abonded brickyard. After 120 years of vacancy she opened the Aux Gazelles in 2002, afteronly three years full of planning, funding and reconstruction. Now the Aux Gazelles is a modern and cosmopolitan place, full of european and north-african roots in culinary, design and atmosphere. A place where generations and cultural backgrounds converge, to party together and enjoy life itself. With over 1600m2 area and directly at the picturesque Rahlstiege, the Aux Gazelles is seated right where Mariahilferstrasse is starting out. On two levels, accomodateing a restaurant, club, business lounge and a hammam, with salon de thé. During the summer a greeny outdoor terrace funcitons as a sheltering oasis and keeps away the noisy city life. The whole year the unique hammam and salon de thé attracts guests with oriental lavishing and beauty rituals or tea ceremonies. The Aux Gazelles cuisine celebrates a passionated anc contemporary Laissez-faire-style.


After the opening in 2002, the place was extensivly rebuilded in 2015 by Alberto Bach and his office Albertoni. Themselves responsible for various international, reputable buildings. 
His aim was to leave any needless things behind, from loud colors to oriental clichés. The new design approach gives a lot of space to movement and light, even the booths are convincing now with this newfound ease. „I wanted to create two different, elegant settings: The restaurant with a generous outside terrace is a fresh summer world with great clarity“ Bach explains. „Connective to this you find plain and swinging design elements with moroccan details. This formal aspect is repeated several times, developing a contemporary place with an international level, without being too ethnic.“


The Aux Gazelles cuisine is inspired by the moroccan and middle east kitchen culture, chefs like Greg Malouf or Yotam Ottolenghi and pristine cooking traditions from the atlas regions. From tasteful Tajines and Cous Cous, to delicous vegetables or the moroccan patisserie „Cornes des Gazelles“ – simple yet elegant, unique in style and approach. Open for lunch time, inviting with an Oriental Lunch, with moroccan and mediterranean starters and alternating main dishes. At night in a casual, elegant atmosphere a variable, seasonal menu settled, serving vegetarian dishes and 3 to 5 course menus.